Ignazio Boschetto week (-4) – enchanting Palermo!

Five year ago our favorite Birthday Boy received a very beautiful homage with a important name: the Oscar del Mediterraneo. While we wait for the magnificent concert that for sure Il Volo will perform on the exact date of Ignazio’s birthday, lets remember the very young Ignazio enchanting the audience in Palermo.

An old article rebuilt with more information. (no original, versão em português ao final)

Ignazio Boschetto receives de Oscar del Mediterraneo

Ignazio - Oscar del Mediterraneo 2009On June 14, 2009, at the auditorium of the Astoria Palace Hotel in Palermo took place the VII edizione del Premio Internazionale al Merito del Lavoro delle Attività Turistiche e Culturali, o Oscar del Mediterraneo. The prestigious award was created by Tony Marotta, director of the  Istituto Superiore di Scienze Lettere and Arti Del Mediterraneo – ISLAS -, of the Associazione Socio-Culturale Primosole and of the Accademia di Sicilia.

According to its purposes the Oscar del Mediterraneo intendeds to reward people who promote the education for the peace, reject all kinds of violence, defend human rights, have civil and social commitment and complete dedication to the arts,  literature,  leading the life with honesty, legality and freedom.

The beautiful ceremony conducted by Nino Graziano Luca included the presentation of several artists on the midst of the delivering of the prizes to personalities that excelled in the social and cultural context. A large audience attended the event and received with enthusiasm the whole program.

Ignazio - Oscar del Mediterraneo 2009In 2009, among the recipients stood out a boy  only 14 years old – Ignazio Boschetto – singer of Marsala, national success in  Ti Lascio Una Canzone of RAI1. Holder of an immense talent and an unusual stage presence to his age, Ignazio delighted those present in the auditorium with his clear and melodious voice. With the tenor Domenico Ghegghi he performed a fantastic duet – the song was O Sole Mio – that lead the audience to a lengthy standing ovation.

Tony Marotta, visibly moved and pleased with the success of the event, thanked the audience at the end of this night which had united art and social commitment.

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Ignazio week (-5) – he returns to Custonaci

12º Festival della Canzone di CustonaciThe comments here and on the social networks are great. Sometimes we can talk a lot on our favorite theme: Il Volo and, this week, mainly about Ignazio. Like my grandma used to say: “he must be with red ears”. Brazilian joke 😀 …

The awesome thing is that we realize that all of them were winning contests before they met on… a contest. And it was only a matter of time for this meeting happen. Piero and Ignazio may have been close many times! However the Festival della Canzone di Custonaci seems to be the land of Ignazio because he won in 2008 and returned the following year as a guest.

Lets remember:

A special guest on the 12º Festival della Canzone di Custonaci

CustonaciCustonaci is a beautiful city of Sicily, located at the eastern end of the Gulf of Bonagia on a hill about 610 feet above the sea level.

A small city with more or less 5.500 inhabitants but with a lot of traditional events: religious as the Festa in Onore della Madonna di Custonaci and cultural events  as the Festival della Canzone di Custonaci.

12º Festival della Canzone di CustonaciThis year the Festival on its twelfth edition took place on August 20, 21 and 22, and was organized again by Franco Spada and the Associazione Tutto Musica.

Tony Colapinto – actor and director formed in Milan and Rome – conducted the competition which had involved the participation of many contestants. At the end of the three exciting evenings the jury announced its decision: Daniela Barbara won the 12º Festival della Canzone di Custonaci. Continue reading

Ignazio Boschetto week (-6)

Ignazio Boschetto - 2014 LA concertToday, when I was thinking about this text I noticed a coincidence. We are at 6 days for the Birthday of Ignazio Boschetto and what I will talk about happened 6 years ago and include a coincidence.

On the end of August 2008, while Ignazio was winning the 11º Festival della Canzone di Custonaci, Piero Barone was about to bring home the trophy of the Festival Bruna Bennardo. Without knowing each other they were treading the paths that in the following year, would gather them together on Ti Lascio Una Canzone.

For the -6 days of the #IgnazioBoschettoWeek and for the #Happy20Ignazio All About Il Volo brings two #throwbacks:

1 – A new #throwback – Ignazio Boschetto won the 11º Festival della Canzone di Custonaci.

2 – A renewed #throwback – Ignazio Boschetto in the musical Streetlight in Marsala

3 – An unreleased photo of Ignazio on the Los Angeles concert in June, 2014.

Enjoy and use our comments to tell what you think 🙂

Il Volo on Tale e Quale Show :)

Tale e Quale ShowSeptember 26, 2014 – Several TV sites announced that Il Volo will be on the 4th episode of Tale e Quale – a TV show of RAI 1, conducted by Carlo Conti. Not personally as we would love by like a challenge for Gabriele Cirilli: he must imitate Il Volo. Well… lets see this on Oct 3th, 2014. – on Contatto News: Tale e quale show 2014: il vincitore della terza puntata Valerio Scanu, con imitazione di Stevie Wonder; on Televisionando: Tale e quale show 4 su Rai Uno, terza puntata in diretta live 26 settembre 2014. Watch the video on facebook: Il Volo on Tale e Quale.

* The photo is a screen shot of the video.
* The Show is available on RAI on Demand or via the site of Tale e Quale (link above)

Ignazio Boschetto week!

Ignazio Boschetto - 2014 LA concertNext Saturday will be the 20th anniversary of Ignazio Boschetto. A very special moment for him and for us as well. He will be entering his 21th year of life – a milestone for everyone -, and joining Piero on this amazing journey of been officially an adult.

Last May, he said on twitter that life is beautiful, and that he is happy to see how life gives us every day new feelings. We wish that these feelings – those who bring joy or those who bring pain – can be the support for growing up as talented, as authentic, as courageous as he already is.

So, this week will be an Ignazio’s week and we will start today remembering one of his beautiful moments before Il Volo:

.:: Ignazio Boschetto wins the Premio Nave Punica Città di Marsala

. a new throwback by All About Il Volo
. the photo above is a new photo too, taken this year in Los Angeles.

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Il Volo daily news or not so news :)

Gianluca in Milan

Gianluca in Milan

We finished the last “where are Il Volo” with the guys home.

Piero peacefully resting and hanging out with close friends, Gianluca showing a little bit of the marvelous photos taken by Elio D’Ascenzo and Ignazio unusually publishing…

Dinner with friends, a visit to his school… – there must be something in your pocket, Igna… Well, lets take this wave 😀

Piero and Mario in Milan

Piero and his friend Mario

Then Gianluca, always Gianluca, gave the tip: Milan! I think everybody is going!

But the Ideafolle ceremony with Piero and plus my so boring work this week lead me to forget.

But like a rabbit that jump from the hat Piero appear in Milan and… Ignazio maybe there too. New suits for the concert in Moscow 🙂

From Milan, next stop in Parma. According to Piero and Ercole Ginoble they were there attending the match Parma x Roma. Piero published a photo with the great Sacchi, the famous soccer player and coach.

And then little videos showed the goals of Roma and a desolated Ignazio watching the game.

Then while one more big gallery of Taormina photos are shared by the photographer Alberto Ferraro, they posted a old photo from June with a message about friendship:

Friendship isn’t a big thing- it’s a million little things.

And today they came back to the highlights. Of course in Bologna. And working!

Il Volo links & news for September 25, 2014

Set list - Il Volo in Moscow:: September 25, 2014 – Our friends of Il Volo Russia, Maria and Tatyana, shared the set list for the Il Volo concert in Moscow. Only one solo by each one and 17 songs at all. (on the photo – click to enlarge)

:: September 24, 2014 – Il Volo – on Kommersant – “The charming Italian trio called Il Volo, consisting of Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto (tenors) and Gianluca Ginoble (baritone), will appear one day to the audience in Barvikha, Moscow, to present not only the new program, but the fall-winter collection of Brioni. The age of the trio is more close to ballet than opera: the eldest, Pietro Barone, recently turned 21, Gianluca 19, and Ignazio Boschetto the very day of the concert will celebrate his 20th anniversary. But for four years working together, they have already managed to be famous worldwide in a democratic genre of “pop opera”, releasing eight albums and wining dozens of awards. The musical program for the evening artists do not reveal, but it can be assumed that the evening will not be without a trio of Italian specialties for folk songs, classical arias and Latin American music, for which Il Volo was awarded this year with the Latin Billboard Music Award. – Barvikha Luxury Village, Oct 4h, 7pm”

Il trio Italiano si esibisce al Barvikha (intervista a Il Volo)

Il Volo - Brioni concert in Moscow:: Articolo originale: Трио из Италии выступит в Барвихе – di Evgeny Korolev on на Рублевке (Na Rublevke) del 24 Settembre 2014.

Il 4 Ottobre al “Barvikha Luxury Village” si esibirà il trio italiano Il Volo. Evgeny Korolev ha parlato con i giovani tenori Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto e Gianluca Ginoble alla vigilia del loro arrivo a Mosca.

● Questa è la vostra prima visita a Mosca? Vi siete mai esibiti in location come il “Barvikha Luxury Village” – un luogo in cui moda e arte quasi si fondono – oltre che geograficamente, più vicine al vostro target di riferimento?
Ignazio: Siamo stati a Mosca, ma non per molto tempo – siamo venuti a sostenere Toto Cutugno, quando si è esibito là. Ci auguriamo che questa visita duri più a lungo. Per quanto riguarda la sala da concerto, ci siamo esibiti in teatri molto grandi nel Nord America e in America Latina, oltre che in Europa, ma abbiamo sentito che il “Barvikha Luxury Village” è un posto bellissimo e quindi non vediamo l’ora che arrivi il momento del concerto di Mosca .

● Perchè Brioni vi ha scelto? Quanto siete vicini alla filosofia del marchio?
Ignazio: E’ meglio chiedere ai rappresentanti di Brioni. Siamo stati invitati e abbiamo accettato con piacere, la reputazione e il prestigio di Brioni sono riconosciuti in tutto il mondo. Siamo molto grati per l’opportunità di poterne rappresentare l’immagine, perché il marchio Brioni è strettamente connesso all’Italia.

● I giovani di oggi, ascoltano la musica classica? Come riuscite ad attirare un così ampio pubblico di giovani?
Piero: Al giorno d’oggi, la musica classica non è molto popolare tra i giovani, quindi il nostro obiettivo è quello di rendere i nostri coetanei interessati a melodie che non hanno ancora conosciuto. Il modo migliore per farlo è quello di eseguire canzoni famose con questo stile, come abbiamo fatto con la canzone “Beautiful day”.

● Dove sentite di più il sostegno del pubblico? Dove è stato più piacevole parlare?
Ignazio: La gente dell’America Latina ci offre sempre un caloroso benvenuto, ma abbiamo sentito un grande sostegno anche quando ci siamo esibiti per la prima volta in Europa Orientale al concorso “New Wave” a Riga, lo scorso Luglio.

● Qual è il vostro cantante preferito e la vostra canzone preferita?
Ignazio: Stevie Wonder “You and I”.
Piero: Luciano Pavarotti “E lucevan le stelle” – un’aria tratta dall’opera “Tosca”.

● Cosa pensate del Festival di Sanremo? I giorni d’oro sono passati o ha ancora molto da dare alla musica leggera Italiana, come in passato?
Ignazio: Rispetto agli altri eventi nel mondo, Sanremo non è così famosa come lo era un tempo, ma nello scenario Italiano è ancora un festival molto prestigioso.

● Chi tra i vincitori delle scorse edizioni di Sanremo – la vecchia generazione della musica leggera Italiana – ha avuto la maggiore influenza su questo genere musicale?
Piero: Il migliore di tutti è stato Domenico Modugno.

● Qual è il vostro teatro d’opera preferito e quali delle produzioni realizzate vi hanno lasciato le sensazioni più forti?
Piero: Amiamo la Detroit Opera House, perché è lì che abbiamo registrato il primo concerto trasmesso in tv: “Il Volo Takes Flight”.

● Quali artisti russi conoscete e vi piacerebbe lavorare con qualcuno di loro (magari con Anna Netrebko – vi piace?)?
Ignazio: Hai colpito nel segno! Sarebbe bello cantare un duetto con Anna Netrebko un giorno, perché è una delle migliori soprano del mondo.

* la foto è illustrativa

Italian trio performs in Barvikha (Il Volo interview)

Il Volo - Brioni concert in Moscow:: Original article: Трио из Италии выступит в Барвихе – by Evgeny Korolev on на Рублевке (Na Rublevke) on Sep 24, 2014.

On October 4th at “Barvikha Luxury Village” will perform the Italian trio Il Volo. Evgeny Korolev spoke with the young tenors Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble on the eve of their arrival in Moscow.

● This is your first visit to Moscow? Have you performed at venues such as “Barvikha Luxury Village” – a place where fashion and art most closely touch -, besides geographically is close to its target audience?
Ignazio: We have been in Moscow, but not for so long – we came to support Toto Cutugno, when he performed there. We hope that this visit will last longer. Concerning to the concert hall, we performed at many great venues in North and Latin America, as well as in Europe, but we have heard that “Barvikha Luxury Village” is a very beautiful place, and therefore we are looking forward to the Moscow concert.

● Why Brioni chose you? How close are you of the brand philosophy?
Ignazio: It is better to ask the representatives of Brioni. We were invited, and we gladly agreed, as the reputation and status of Brioni is recognized worldwide. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the brand image, because the brand Brioni is closely connected with Italy.

● The today’s youth, do they listen to classical music? How do you manage to attract such a wide youth audience?
Piero: Nowadays, classical music is not too popular among young people, so our goal is make young people get interested in melodies with which they have not met yet. The best way to do this is to perform well-known songs on this style, as we did with the song “Beautiful day”.

● Where do you feel the most support of the public? Where it was most pleasant to speak?
Ignazio: The people of Latin America always provides a very warm welcome, but we also felt a lot of support when we first appeared in Eastern Europe in the contest “New Wave” in Riga last July.

● What is your favorite singer and favorite song?
Ignazio: Stevie Wonder “You and I”.
Piero: Luciano Pavarotti “E lucevan le stelle” – an aria from the opera “Tosca”.

● How do you feel about the Sanremo Festival? The golden days are gone or it still has much to give to Italian pop music, as well as before?
Ignazio: Comparing with world events Sanremo is not as famous as it was once, but for the Italian scenario it is still a very prestigious festival.

● Who amid the winners of the Sanremo previous years – the older generation of Italian pop music – had the greatest influence on the Italian pop music?
Piero: The best of all was Domenico Modugno.

● What is your favorite opera house and what are the plays that produced on you the strongest impression for the last time?
Piero: We love Detroit Opera House, because that’s where we recorded the first televised concert “Il Volo Takes Flight”.

● Which of the Russian artists do you know and would you like to work with someone of them (perhaps with Anna Netrebko – if you like her?)?
Ignazio: You hit the nail! It would be nice to sing a duet with Anna Netrebko one day, because she is one of the best sopranos of the world.

* the photo is only to illustrate

Em Português

Em 4 de outubro no “Barvikha Luxury Village” irá se apresentar o trio italiano Il Volo. Evgeny Korolev falou com os jovens tenores Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto e Gianluca Ginoble às vésperas de sua chegada à Moscou.

● Esta é sua primeira visita à Moscou? Vocês já se apresentaram em teatros como o “Barvikha Luxury Village” – um lugar onde a moda e a arte se aproximam -, além de ser geograficamente próximo de seu público alvo?
Ignazio: Já estivemos em Moscou, mas não por muito tempo – viemos apoiar Toto Cutugno, quando ele se apresentou ali. Esperamos que esta visita seja mais longa. A respeito do teatro, nós já nos apresentamos em grandes teatros na América do Norte e América Latina, como também na Europa, mas ouvimos falar que o “Barvikha Luxury Village” é um lugar muito bonito e estamos ansiosos pelo concerto em Moscou.

● Por que a Brioni escolheu vocês? O quão perto estão vocês da filosofia da marca?
Ignazio: É melhor perguntar aos representantes da Brioni. Fomos convidados, e alegremente aceitamos, pois a a reputação e o status da Brioni é reconhecido em todo o mundo. Somos gratos pela oportunidade de ser parte da imagem da marca, porque a marca Brioni tem grande conexão com a Itália. Continue reading