Il Volo daily (or almost) :)

Il Volo, as everyone, needs some privacy, a space to move and grow in their own way. It is a theme that we were developing here the last few months. A real concern that sometime we forget in the urge of being close to our beloved boys. It is why this daily is ‘almost’ and light.

They continue to enjoy their vacations, near family and friends. We are waiting for the beginning of the Italian tour, happy when news,  interviews and articles appear.

Today all the Ilvolosphere are aware, with the eyes pointing to the ceremony Premios Tu Mundo. Il Volo is one of the finalists for the award on the category Duo o Grupo Favorito. Tonight, we will know!

Piero was honored in Campobello di Licata on the Fashion Show, Gianluca in Montepagano during the events of the Rinascimento Paganese Rosetano 2014. Ignazio was… Ignazio is being himself and this is great.

This short ‘daily’ end with some photos shared this week.

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