Il Volo concert in Chihuahua – review

Il Volo in Chihuahua 10º FICHSince 6pm thousands of young (and not so young) ladies were waiting at the Plaza Angel for a concert that will take place at 8pm. A raining day and all that people decided to not give up to enjoy three of the most beautiful voices of our time. Voices that together are enchanting the audiences all over the world. Lucky people that live in a country that promote an event like the 10º Festival Internacional Chihuahua where art, music and culture fill the daily life.

And Il Volo didn’t disappoint! Beginning with Nuestro amor ès más que grande and  switching songs from their Italian and international repertoire with versions in Spanish or traditional Mexican and Spanish songs, Il Volo made everybody literally forget the weather.

Il Volo in Chihuahua 10º FICHThere was a big event like the concert in Juarez on August 1, and the performance of Il Volo and the reactions of the audience are amazing. We could see this clearly on the photos that fill the networks, on the smiles of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and on the happiness of their fans as well.

The Mexican press were present and covered the event highlighting the career of the group and publishing reviews as soon as possible. It is awesome the number of articles on all kind of press, since sites on facebook to the main Mexican press. Il Volo deserve this attention and amply repays with the quality of their performance and in the amount of attention they give to all.

:: Photo Galleries
. Proto gallery I
. Il Volo concert in Chihuahua – gallery II
. Il Volo concert in Chihuahua – gallery III

:: Videos
. Il Volo by egochihuahuaPart 1Part 2Part 3
. Il Volo – El Triste in Juarez – video by Pamela Dour
. Il Volo presente en Chihuahua – by Alberto hernandez

:: References/press:

. August 2, 2014 – Enloquecen miles de jovencitas con opera pop de Il Volo en Festival Internacional – by Carlos Hernández on La Opción (in Spanish)
. August 2, 2014 – Vibra el Fich con “Il Volo” en la ciudad de Chihuahua – by Omar Rubio on Net Noticias
. August 2, 2014 – IL Volo, la opera pop que enloqueció a Chihuahua – by Nancy De León on Entrelíneas (in Spanish)
. August 2, 2014 – IL VOLO causa sensación en Chihuahua – on Al Contacto (in Spanish)
. August 2, 2014 – Prende trío Il Volo a más de 2 mil personas en el Ángel – on Tiempo (in Spanish)

:: photos by Alberto Torres

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3 thoughts on “Il Volo concert in Chihuahua – review

  1. Mari, este é, como muitos, um dos seus ótimos artigos! Obrigado por sempre esclarecer as informações para nós, ilvolovers como você, e compartilhar! Como sempre, esse deve ter sido um grande concerto para o Il Volo! 🙂

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