Il Volo to Il Centro (video)

Recorded after the press conference on July 25, 2014 in Pescara. Gianluca talked about the amount of Arrosticini that Ignazio can eat. Piero seems to have eaten more 🙂

video by @allaboutilvolo

Article on Il Centreo: Musica, il trio Il Volo pronto allo sbarco in Abruzzo / Video – by Jolanda Ferrara to Il Centro

Translation by Madeline Bugeja:

The Boys said Ciao we are Il Volo, and they said that they will see them on the 5th of September at the D’ Annunzzio theatre. The man said, “And the Artosticini?” and Gian, said, that yesterday he took Ignazio and Piero for a meal of Arosticini, and Piero remarked that they were so good, Gian said they had them at Montepagano, and Ignazio said, BEEEEEE VERY GOOD!

LOL, Gian, said that Ignazio alone ate 60 of them, haha, and we see Ignazio vanish behind his hand, you don’t see him do you, just say no, and he will blush less, and told us to be the judge, well Gian, Ignazio is very tall, and he needs more calories to feed his bones, No? The lady remarked to Gianluca that he had just graduated, and asked how that was, and Gianluca, said yes, and that he did well, in Latin and Greek, and the lady said, and English? to which Gianluca answered in English to that, saying he spoke it very well, and said that he also spoke Spanish, saying that both in English and in Spanish, and adding that so do the other two, and the three of them spoke both Languages.

From Gian’s answer to the next question, I think the lady asked them about the changes in their lives, I could not hear the question there, but Gian answered her by saying, that life for them has changed, their dream was to become three singers, and they made a success out of that, thank God.

And we are doing very well, and we hope it will continue this way, because let’s say it, anything can happen one day you find yourself at the top, then next you are at the bottom, said Gian showing both hights, with a gesture of his arm. So mature is our Gianluca, Ignazio said, that they live by the moment, and Gianluca: So you have to live it humbly, and with the understanding, that life has to be lived by moments, because everything can happen.

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