Back home! or lets go to the beach, Il Volo?

bye MiamiJuly begins with all the people back home, including me, Mari Russu, who spent all June almost without work on the site 🙂 But you don’t need to cry… because the idea is to recover this lost time, nothing like Proust did, considering the size, but with the same passion, at least.

I just loved my decision of changing my vacations from Italy to USA, blame my favourite Italians and the friends I made on the Ilvolosphere 🙂 I enjoyed every single minute of this last 25 days and I have a lot of things to tell and write on the next times. Yessss, dear friends, the reviews of the concerts which I attended – Los Angeles and San Diego – still are in course. I already didn’t tell about my début on that crazy thing called Meet & Greet and, also, how I, one day after the concert, met Piero on the street e took him to introduce to my 3 petrified friends 🙂

Well, … this is not my diary. So lets go to all that matters.

On June 27, after the Philadelphia concert, Il Volo took flight to Europe. We haven’t time to doubt about the #Europe of Piero, because Gian had already told the destiny one tweet before: #France #Cannes… But, what a hell they are going to do in France and, more exactly, in Cannes? Without no answer, they left the US posting the last selfies and some images of the concerts.

No matter what they went to do in France, it was not something visible or audible Live, because we would known for sure. I guess they did not go there to be on the beach or took photos of bathtubs… The best chance is that some there was some meeting or interview and, on the future, we will discover the missing pieces of the puzzle.

On my humble understanding it is a mystery this choice of do not share the information about performances and interviews. Little performances like that one in Milan (Eataly, do you guys remember?) would be widely publicized, so the fans could be there and give the necessary support. At this moment, Il Volo still still greatly benefit from the presence of fans and of smaller press on these events. They should not underestimate the power of the social media and of sites like this one here on the building of a public image.

Going ahead… After the little stop in Cannes, each one went home. Piero meeting the friends and enjoying the summer and the beach; Gianluca also on the beach and seeking the World Cup; Ignazio buying a new beautiful car, playing with Buddy and singing with the friends. Last days of free time, I guess. Tomorrow they may be leaving to Trieste and a new date in Napoli already was announced. Moreover, the expectation of a Latin American Tour on August is growing.

Carpe Diem boys 🙂 , rest, enjoy yourselves and be happy with your dearest people 🙂

And me… Already on vacations, but back home to the “Happy Freezer”*…

* for those who do not know, my city – Porto Alegre (Glad Harbour) – change her name in the winter to Glad or Happy Freezer 🙂

** Hazel soon come here to fix my mistakes…

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1 thought on “Back home! or lets go to the beach, Il Volo?

  1. Thank you for posting about the guys. I have not had the joy of attending one of their concerts so must get my fill from postings, videos and pictures. My husband says “never say never” so maybe sometime in my lifetime (I’m 73) it may happen.
    Barb Walther

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