Juarez Televison – Live

Il Volo on 10 FICHJuarez Television will broadcast a special with Il Volo on August 2, 2014 1pm – It is not the show on the 10º FICH as Nomada has announced yesterday. They correct the info yesterday night.

Link to the site: Juarez Television Live

You can watch Live here!
Thanks to Gaby Dion and Humildementeilvolover for the info!

Il Volo – To Juarez, Mexico – July 30, 2014

Mari Russu's morningWe are very glad in receiving a lot of comments and feedback in all networks about our articles and reports here. It is nice to hear the opinion of all ilvolovers and to have the certainty of doing something that is appreciated and more, that is a daily satisfaction for many people.

It is not easy to find the time and to be updated 🙂 As you know, Il Volo do not anticipate very much their moves 🙂 But the detective part of the job is very exciting too 🙂 And we only did not go more deep because we both work and have families to care. And work and family can full a day sometimes!

In my south it was a beautiful morning till 8am 😯 Then the rain comes and a wet and frozen Mari Russu almost died in action. Winter is a hard season in the south even in Brazil. Continue reading

Il Volo daily – July 29, 2014

Ignazio and Gabriele

Ignazio and Gabriele

I wake up with this beautiful photo with a more beautiful message: Gabriele said:

– Io non avrò mai così tanta forza per ringraziarti e dirti cosa sei per me,spero solo che tutto questo non finisca mai perché mi hai dimostrato che la vera amicizia e che un rapporto di perfetti sconosciuti possa diventare un’amicizia fraterna …ti voglio bene!!!

That means something like:

I’ll never have so much strength to thank you and tell you what you mean to me, I just hope that all this will never end, because you’ve shown me that true friendship and a relationship of complete strangers can become a fraternal friendship … I love you!

True friendship is something amazing to start the day. Thank you, Gabriele! Continue reading

From Taormina to Riga and to Italy again…

Il Volo in Taormina July 20, 2014I can’t remember who said that life is not measured in years or any unit of time, is measured in heart beats. And it seem to be a long time since the July 20, the day of the first Il Volo concert in Italy. Only a week… and how fast and strong our hearts beat!

I love history (and stories) and, for me, the story of a particular time is the sum of all the small stories of the people who shared that time. And this is history as well. Il Volo made history in Taormina and our stories are part of it.

I am sad I cannot be 3 or 4 to be able to grab all those stories and put them all here. Together, in all languages that they were told. I know that one day Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio will love to read them remembering this time. Continue reading

More of Il Volo on Etihad Airways Event

Today we received a nice contact of the photographer Dave Garratt (AventEq) who shared more photos of the Etihad Airways’ event on Villa Miani on July 16, 2014. Awesome photos:

:: view his full album on Google: Dave Garrat’s highlights.
:: credits to Dave Garratt and Audio Visual | Event Technology

Il Volo to Il Centro (video)

Recorded after the press conference on July 25, 2014 in Pescara. Gianluca talked about the amount of Arrosticini that Ignazio can eat. Piero seems to have eaten more 🙂

video by @allaboutilvolo

Article on Il Centreo: Musica, il trio Il Volo pronto allo sbarco in Abruzzo / Video – by Jolanda Ferrara to Il Centro

Translation by Madeline Bugeja:

The Boys said Ciao we are Il Volo, and they said that they will see them on the 5th of September at the D’ Annunzzio theatre. The man said, “And the Artosticini?” and Gian, said, that yesterday he took Ignazio and Piero for a meal of Arosticini, and Piero remarked that they were so good, Gian said they had them at Montepagano, and Ignazio said, BEEEEEE VERY GOOD!

LOL, Gian, said that Ignazio alone ate 60 of them, haha, and we see Ignazio vanish behind his hand, you don’t see him do you, just say no, and he will blush less, and told us to be the judge, well Gian, Ignazio is very tall, and he needs more calories to feed his bones, No? The lady remarked to Gianluca that he had just graduated, and asked how that was, and Gianluca, said yes, and that he did well, in Latin and Greek, and the lady said, and English? to which Gianluca answered in English to that, saying he spoke it very well, and said that he also spoke Spanish, saying that both in English and in Spanish, and adding that so do the other two, and the three of them spoke both Languages. Continue reading

Il Volo on TVQ

Report about Il Volo press conference in Pescara presented by Paolo Minnucci on TVQ. July 25, 2014.

video by Paolo di Vincenzo

Translation by Madeline Bugeja

Paulo Minnucci, started the interview with calling the boys by name, and saying that they were ILVolo, he told them that they were going to talk about the stop they were going to do there, in Pescara in Abruzzo, and the D’Annunzio Theater next 5th September, what kind of show will it be Piero? – Paolo asked.

Piero said: Finally, we have started a small tour in Italy, we started off on July 20th and 21st, at Taormina, and we felt at home. because two of us are from Sicilians, Piero said, gesturing towards Ignazio, and now we are here, in Gianluca’s home, we will be at the D’Annunzio in Pescara, on the 5th of September, and we have to thank Massimo Freniani for believing in us, and giving us this opportunity to sing in Italy. Continue reading