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:: 2013 and before

Piero loves the color red and his red glasses have become his trademark. The red Prada glasses seems to be the favorite of both, Piero and the fans. Piero enjoys changing models and colors of the glasses and, for a long time, he used to carry them in a red bag. He has said that his collection has more than 40 pairs of glasses. Many of his interactions on the social networks has to do with the glasses, when a new model comes out or when some fan wear his glasses on the photos.

Another thing he loves are sport cars. In 2013 he bought a Mini Cooper and, before that, he used to record some scenes behind the wheel of his A112 Abarth in Naro.

Piero loves Italian food, but is allergic to certain foods such as garlic, onion and pork. He is lactose intolerant, too. He mentioned that about three hours before the concert he eats his favorite dish: pasta, prepared mainly by his father. During the tour of 2013 he photographed his father cooking for him and shared on social networks.

Our Barone has its own style for dressing, casual and in more formal moments and concerts. For many years he wore a crucifix around the neck, a gift from his grandmother. Another hallmark of him.

On the leg he has a tattoo with the initials of the names of family members. Piero likes to dance and we often can see him near the water for sports or relax.

Among his favorite artists we can find a very eclectic group. But some are always mentioned, like Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo.

Ignazio and Gianluca have said that he is the craziest of the group but, at the same time, a professional, serious and perfectionist, who likes to do things properly. They have even called him the stubborn one.

Piero Barone is a young man who cultivates his spirituality. Practicing Catholic, when is in Sicily, never misses Sunday mass in his parish of St. Erasmus in Naro, and is preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation (April, 2014). On February 12, 2014, Il Volo was received by Pope Francis at the hearing, and it was touching to see the emotion of Piero Barone.

(from the 2013 old bio and early interviews)

  • When Il Volo sings Surrender (Torna a Surriento) , one of the highlights is the moment when Piero makes his own interpretation of Elvis Presley, leaving the fans crazy with his hips movements.
  • In various interviews, he has expressed that his ‘celebrity-crush’ is Angelina Jolie. Among his favorite artists we can find a very eclectic group: Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Adele, Elvis Presley, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, and even Lady Gaga.
  • Piero’s best known eccentricity is his habit of warming up the voice before performances entirely naked. He stated in an interview that if he doesn’t do that, he can not go on stage. He told on an interview that he likes to be naked in his bedroom and that this habit has earned him some awkward moments at the hotels where the group is staying. Once, he paced naked around the room for a while until he realized the curtains were open. Another time, someone knocked on the door room and he opened forgetting that was entirely naked…
  • But the best story was the one he told on an interview in May 22, 2013 to the Huffington Post. They were playing and Ignazio was filming him when he got out of the room running naked by the hotel corridor… Then he came back to the room a little embarrassed, but relieved of not having found anyone. But forgot a little detail… the surveillance cameras that made him have to explain himself to the hotel management. 🙂

Nov, 2013 – On an interview in Brazil Ignazio told that Piero and him soon are going to live together in Bologna: Il Volo on Brazilian TV – Amaury Jr Show (video – at 11:00)

:: 2014

In holiday 2014, he started learning to dance Caribbean rhythms and attends the parties / classes at Casa Particular Cuba Salsa in Canicattì, Sicily, with a group of friends.

:: 2015

On the visit to the police headquarters in Bologna Piero and Ignazio once more said that soon they will be moving to live there: Il Volo at the police headquarters in Bologna and And today Bologna – probably Il Volo future nest.

(with time we will add more topics from old interviews)

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7 thoughts on “Piero Barone – Trivia (en)

  1. Thoroughly enjoying watching this group grow, grow up and perform fantastic music for us all to enjoy. Wish I spoke Italian so I would know what they sing and say. This article makes Piero more of a real person. Nice to hear details of such a super performer. Looking forward to where they will be next. Such delight and joy to listen to them sing, grow in vocal performance and change into men from the young guys they were. Thank you for Il Vollo.

  2. Wonderful talent! Your voices are so beautiful that I get very emotional……… please keep making such beautiful music! A lady from England..

  3. I love Piero…his voice, his appearance, his style,
    I recently saw him in Sydney at the State Theatre….my God did not want the performance to end…..he is just brilliant ..
    Even though I’m old enough to be his Grandmother I adore him..
    At the Meet and GREET I gave him a gorgeous KOALA stuffed toy….
    I would love to think that he kept it…
    I can only hope he continues with his career and his wonderful voice and hope I might get to see him 1 more time…!!!❤️❤️

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