Il Volo on Sabado Gigante gallery

This Saturday, June 14, finally was aired the performance of Il Volo on Sabado Gigante. The show, hosted by Don francisco, was recorded on April 22, 2014, in Doral, Florida, and many Ilvolovers were on the audience. Gianluca nicely pointed Il Volo Miami and Il Volo Community!

Thanks to all Ilvolovers who shared the beautiful photos!

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5 thoughts on “Il Volo on Sabado Gigante gallery

  1. I can’t find a video of their performance in Sabado Gigante of this year. Is there a video of it? Thanks!

      • I found one on YouTube! Just checking… They appeared on Sabado Gigante for about 8 minutes, right? Thanks for answering!! 🙂

        • Sorry, Ana!
          I saw your comment just now. I think you are right about the performance, but not sure. I will try to find the answer with the ilvolovers that attended the show.


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