Anastacia & Il Volo – Arena Di Verona

“Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare”On June 1st, 2014, Il Volo performed among at Arena Di Verona on the gala event Lo Spettacolo Sta Per Iniziare, transmitted Live on RAI 1.

The concert was hosted by Antonella Clerici and  was attended by artists of international renown, whose performed accompanied by the Orchestra Di Verona conducted by Maestro Julian Kovatchev, plus a 200-voices choir, a ballet company and hundreds of technicians.

The amazing evening begun with the famous aria Carmen (Bizet), that thrilled the audience, preparing the entrance of the hostess. Then, Massimo Ranieri performed “Perdere l’amore”, song that gave him the victory in Sanremo, and pop music switches into opera, bringing together Marrocchi & Artegiani, Puccini and Bizet.

Lo spettacolo sta per iniziareJesus Christ Superstar, the opera-rock, was a natural sequence. Ted Neeley sang “I only want to say” (Gethsemane). An awesome performance! Neeley surprised Antonella and all the audience, singing with the same emotion and power that he sang with 40th years ago.

So, it is time for our boys to rise on stage following the amazing Anastacia. They sang “Io che non vivo (senza te)” and a different version of “O Sole Mio”. An outstanding performance!

playlist AAIV

We can clearly see the concentration and the perfect placement of the voices on all musical phrases. Each one do her/his best. The soul accent of Anastacia contrasted with the lyric sound of Piero and Ignazio and softened to meet the voice of Gianluca. A difficult but well-succeeded arrangement. On “O Sole Mio” they show all what they can do. Simple and breathtaking.

Lo spettacolo sta per iniziareThe concert continued with Anastacia singing “Stupid little things”, song released on last April and acclaimed by music critics. Artists like Vittorio Grigolo, Dario Fo, Riccardo Cocciante enchanted the audience, each one in a different way. Highlights to the performance of Giovanni Andrea Zanon, a young and talented violinist.

During the concert Antonella has interviewed the guests and chained the performances into a perfect sequence. All this along with a new and futuristic version of Aida (Verdi), about which we surely shall hear. Then, the contest “Una voce per l’Arena” brought a duel of magnificent songs and great performers to complete this gala evening, in which Il Volo once again outdone themselves.


:: Arena di Verona 2014 – Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare, 1° giugno 2014: tutte le esibizioni – TVBlog (in Italian)
:: The photos are screen shots

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5 thoughts on “Anastacia & Il Volo – Arena Di Verona

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  2. You can really tell in “O Sole Mio” how Piero and Ignazio’s voices have developed through the years. I love the old version, but this is so good, too!! I can’t wait to see them live. Only 19 more days.

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