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Il Volo interview for Top Trending Mag, on April 23, during the Latin Billboard’s week. A nice interview conducted by ingrid Fajardo where Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio talked about their career, the nominations for the awards and a little bit about life 🙂

video by Top Trending

Algunos secretos que no conocías del trío italiano “Il Volo” – (in Spanish) – Thank you Adriana Mendoza for sharing the link!

Translation to English by Gaby:

Ingrid: Well, today, during the Latin Billboard’s week, I am here with three handsome Italians, how are you Il Volo?
PB: We are fine Ingrid, and you?

Ingrid: Fine, How do you feel to be here again in Miami?
PB: We are here very emotioned because last year we sang a Jose Jose song, “El Triste” and this year we have two nominations for the Latin Billboard and we are going to give, we are going to mention an Award.

Ingrid: How were you given the news of the nomination?
IB: You know, we were connected to social network and you know the fans, we have many fans here in Miami and suddenly the fans “Ahh, guys you have two nominations!!” and that is how we knew.
GG: I think that for an artist to win or to have a nomination for a Music Award is one of the most important things, like for an actor who wins an Oscar, it is the same thing.

Ingrid: Tell us a little about you initiating? How come you met?
PB: We met at a TV Italian program, called Ti Lascio una Canzone, in spanish, “I leave you (with) a song” it’s the translation; and we began at this program as single singers and at the fourth episode, the productor of the program decided to put us to sing together and the first song was “O Sole Mio”

Ingrid: How was it that you like to sing this musical genre, being so young?
GG: Thanks to our grandparents, of course, and also since we were little boys we sang this kind of music; because it is a kind of voice, I don’t know, it is a gift of God, I do not know how to explain it, I don’t want to sound like egocentric, but it is like this, and we like this musical genre, it is so romantic, overall in Italy, where there are so many singers who like this kind of music like Andrea Bocelli, who is an idol and is going to be tomorrow at the Billboards with Laura Pausini. The only Italians are Il Volo, Laura Pausini and Andrea Bocelli (Ingrid: Great!! Just imagine) Of course, I am so emotioned, we are very emotioned.

Ingrid: You were with her (Laura Pausini) at a great and important concert at New York, how was this experience?
PB: It was her 20th year anniversary and she invited us to be with her at New York, it was a wonderful concert and she is a person.. she has an spectacular personality, and we love Laura. It all began because at an interview we were asked with whom did we want to sing, and we answered: Laura Pausini. She called us and say “guys, come to New York and let’s sing”.

Ingrid: With whom would you like to sing now?
IB: Alejandro Sanz, yes, it would be great.

Ingrid: What kind of music do you listen at when you are like.. at home?
GG: I love Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry..

Ingrid: And you?
PB: I love to dance Salsa and Bachata (It was worthwhile… with you my love)
IB: Yesterday he told me: “Let me show you how I dance” and I had to take the place of the woman and I can not be the woman, please!!
PB: I am learning to dance Salsa and Bachata.

Ingrid: Who is teaching you?
PB: With friends, at a school named Casa Cuba, we are about 40 people and go dancing every day.

Ingrid: I know you have a very important tour at the United States, were will you go?
IB: We will start on June, we will have 15 concerts in the United States from June 5 up to 26 and later we will come back to Latinamerica maybe in September. GG: and also Canada IB: yes.

Ingrid: How is one day of an Award for you? How does the day start?
GG: The day starts with many interviews, of course, running all day long, and I don’t see the hour of being at the Red Carpet with all the flashes and all the microphones..

Ingrid: Who is the one who takes more time for getting ready?
IB: (Points Gianluca) Ingrid: ohhh!!
GG: Yes, probably it is me.

Ingrid: Why? because of your hair?
GG: For my hair and because I take many looks of me at the mirror.. just wait… Ingrid: you are vain…
IB: No no no, he is not vain…

Ingrid: It is not bad to be vain..
PB: (to Gianluca) he because is always taking care of how he looks, (to Ignazio) he because he always sleeps
IB: I always sleep!! PB: I am always on time.
IB: Who woke you up this morning? Me!!
GG: We are always on time..
IB: Hi everyone we are Il Volo
GG: Greetings
PB: To all Top Trending friends.

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