Il Volo – interview on Terra Musica

The Il Volo interview we are waiting since April 21, 2014. During the Billboards! Thank you to Il Volo Community for sharing the link!!!

video by Terra Musica

Original article: Il Volo lamenta la trágica situación de Venezuela – Terra Musica (in Spanish)

Il Volo on Terra Musica

Il Volo – Terra Musica – screenshot

Translation to English by Gaby Dion

IB: This year we had again, two nominations for Latin Billboards. We are real happy because “Mas que Amor” album had great sells in LatinAmerica, and that is a satisfaction..

GG: We are working hard, a new album will be released, of course it is a surprise, we can not say too much, but we are working on new music.. and this year is like, how can I say?, a year of reset, to start everything again, to concentrate in music, in what we have to do, because I think it is the most important thing.

PB: We will start a tour in United States and Canada on June, from June 5 up to 26 or 28, we have about 16 or 15, 15 concerts, and then we will start a tour, we are working, for LatinAmerica.

GG: I love Argentina and Mexico, I love them, and Venezuela, and Venezuela, and we are sorry for what is happening, in deed, we are near all people in Venezuela and our fans, truly.
IB: Hi, we are Il Volo.
PB: And remember that good music..
GG: is heard here at Terra.

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