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Il Volo on CalaCNN

photo by Victor Rodriguez

On April 23, 2014,  Il Volo attended an interview conducted by Ismael Cala on CalaCNN. The interview took place in Miami during the Billboard’s week.

They talked about their career from the beginning on Ti Lascio Una Canzone to their nomination to the Billboard Award. The hostess did several questions about their daily life, their preferences and personal plans to the future. Beyond what we already know well, we can highlight:

They mention the work in  the new album, which will be a surprise. They are deciding the songs, the arrangement and other details along with the manager and producers.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca confirm the tour on Latino America this year.

Piero said that is studying opera seriously.

Gianluca confirms that they are working on a project for 2015: a series that will narrate the international success of Il Volo [1]. On the series they will act playing themselves!

Enjoy the video!

video by CNN – Il Volo en Cala

[1] All About Il Volo already announced this here: Il Volo on a Mediaset fiction.

:: Full translation to English by Gaby Dion:

ISMAEL: He says many fans have asked him why if Il Volo has been so many times in Miami, they haven’t been there with him? He says finally the day has come. Now, talking about the reflection of the day, of the US author Isaac Asimov, a phrase in which I believe “luck is just on a prepared mind side”

We have heard and said many times “this person has good luck”, but we do not really know all the hours of work, dedication and effort this person has been through to get his achievement.. to get to his goal, and that is what people calls “luck”. And I ask, do you believe luck gets from nowhere? We create our luck with work and effort? Are you waiting for luck to get to you or you go and look for it?

Now, I want to welcome Piero Barone ( PB: Ciao!! ) Ciao!! I’ve been working on my Italian, but here comes the complicated one, in Spanish it is Ignazio, but in Italian it is Ignazio..
(IB: Something like that)
Something like that says Ignazio (IB: Something like that)
Ignazio Boschetto, welcome Ignazio. (IB: thank you) and Gianluca Ginoble, (GG: here I am) welcome.

Guys, I am so glad that you are at the show, (GG: It is a pleasure for us) because you have been here at Miami so many times, you have had events, activities, and we are always asked to have you here. Now you’re back for the Billboards, congratulations for your nominations… and, you heard about the Reflection that has to do with luck.. I don’t know how Italians manage the “luck theme”, but…

PB: If you have talent…the first thing to have success, to do what you love, the first thing you need to have is the voice and talent and the second is luck, because if you are lucky you can do a “gol”, you can get to your objective, but luck must be around everywhere.

GG: wrote, he is a great, as we all know, did you see the picture “The Bicentenial Man”, Robin Williams, (Ismael: I believe I did) There is a phrase that I like that says “Sometime you have to do the wrong thing, think with your heart and not with your head” I really love this phrase because if you are in love with somebody you have to do the wrong thing and think with your heart, there are many things that if you think with your head, you are not going to live them the better way, you know how?

ISMAEL: But then, Ignazio, do you believe in luck?
IB: Yes, I am here exclusive today, all by myself and…. I think that you can have luck but we have to look for it, because if we do nothing to have luck, how can we ask for it if we do not look for it.

ISMAEL: Interesting that you, being so young, can manage this luck theme. The reality is that you have worked so hard since “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” (they correct the pronunciation) My Italian has some defects, I need to study more Italian. TLUC, it is a contest.

PB: Yes, this contest is like “The Voice Kids”. We went to this contest 5 years ago, starting as single singers, and at the fourth episode the productor decided to put our voices together; the first song we sang together was “O Sole Mio” and was a real success around the world.

ISMAEL: Around the world, and really it is a classic, and heard in the voice of three youg guys, it is really impresive what you did with that song.
GG: That is what we want to do, to bring this kind of music to young people, because it is the first time that they, as teenagers sing this kind of music.

ISMAEL: Did you always have the passion for this kind of music or it was the productor idea? Ignazio..
IB: No, We have always liked this music, since we were very little we heard it, Gianluca with his grandfather, also Piero, and me, alone in my bed, at my room… So went we were at the program, we three sang the same kind of music, and the productor thought, wait, here we will have the new “three Tenors”, and so he decided to put us together and later after the end of transmission of the tv show, we signed a contract with Universal and now we are here.

ISMAEL: How did you manage with the spanish? because Italian and Spanish are alike but it is not so easy.. (IB: No) I would like to talk in Italian but words are different (IB: you need to practice) Practice!! But, did you study?
GG: It has been 5 years since we have been working with our productor, he is Humberto Gatica and he is from Chile, living in Los Angeles for about 45 years, and we talk “Spangish” with him; also talking with the fans, with many other people.

ISMAEL: So you didn’t study.. (GG: no, never) so part of the success you have had in spanish had led you to domine the language. Now, you ended 2013 with the Christmas album Buon natale, what are you planning for 2014, is there something new?
PB: Yes, we are working real hard for our tour in June, from 5 to 26 (GG: in the United States) in the United States and Canada, and we are going to record a new album, we do not know when it will be released, it is real soon to say it, but we hope we have done a great work.

ISMAEL: There has been a kind of evolution between the first and the second album, it was not only on classic music but also contemporary music.
GG: Yes, we all need at times to renovate, and in your carreer. (ISMAEL: Update) Yes renovate, and at the first CD we decided to include more Italian classic songs; in the second we thought that we should have our own repertory, important to have our own songs; we also have duets with great people of music, like Placido Domingo, Eros Ramazzoti and with the Mexican singer Belinda.

ISMAEL: Recently, well specificaly yesterday, we had Laura Pausini here at this same place. You were invited to Laura Pausini’s concert.
PB: Yes, it all started at an interview, where the interviewer asked us whith whom we would like to sing and we said Laura Pausini, and after a week she called us and said “guys, why don’t you come to New York and we sing a song together” (GG: it was a wish) from the three. We went to New York and we sang “In Assenza di Te”.. She is a great friend and we send greetings to her; she is a great person, now we know why she has 20 years of carreer because she is very humble (GG: and has a voice..)

ISMAEL: Yes, she is very talented but I agree with you, that what distinguishes Laura besides her voice is her humility, her way of sharing.. (PB: Her way of being) And you, being so young, teenagers, now let’s see your ages.. Piero
PB: I am Sicilian, from Naro, Province of Agrigento. (ISMAEL: and how old are you?)
GG: How old are you… PB: Ohhh!!! I am 20 years. GG: I am the baby of the group, I am 19 years
ISMAEL; 19 and 20, almost the same.. Ignazio..
IB: I am the exclusive here… 20 years. (ISMAEL: 20 years) almost, almost, October 4.
ISMAEL: So you are almost the same ages 19 and 20 years..
GG: Yes, we are almost the same ages

ISMAEL: So you started at 2009, you were 15 years. (GG: I was 14 years) (PB: Ignazio 15 and me 16)
ISMAEL: How is it possible that you, whith all the success you have had during this five years, because it has been a gret carreer for you, success after success, being at places that I don’t know if you sometime dreamed of knowing, have kept “your feet on the ground” and not be like a Justin Bieber.
GG: All has been so quick, we have been in so many Countries, Australia, China, some places of Europe.. at the United States, we sang there with Barbra Streisand, and at times I don’t believe, I say, is it a dream? is it my life? And Thanks to God we have family that have always supported us, they remind us to keep humble, because we come from simple families, and this is the most important thing.

ISMAEL: Do you have fun Piero?
PB: A lot, because we are doing what we love and if you love what you do, you can do it throughout your life. If what you do, you do it only for business, for money, it is not good, it will end soon; but what we are doing, we can manage because we have people that supports us, these people are, as Gianluca had mentioned, our family and the most importat people of this proyect are the fans; our fans who are Ilvolovers (ISMAEL: Ilvolovers, I like) Here at Miami we have a big Ilvolovers fan club, called Il Volo Miami (GG: and Il Volo Community) and if we go to South America, United States, Canada, we have different ages fans and it is wonderful, because each day we meet new family.

ISMAEL: Ignazio, the ones who know your carreer for this past 5 years, say that the one who has changed more physically is you, why?
IB: Because… I wanted to introduce a gym at home, but I was told to take out the kitchen!!
ISMAEL: So you stopped eating? or what did you do?

IB: I “closed my mouth” and started to eat better, to do exercise, train hard and started to loose weight, I liked it and I am like this, a little bit fat… (GG: No, you look good) ISMAEL: He looks super thin!

ISMAEL: When you aren’t working do you forget about each other or continue seeing as friends?
GG: They both live in Sicily, I live nearer Rome, more to the north.
PB: Me and Ignazio live in two different cities, with a 2 hour drive and we always meet…
IB: Hey, wait wait, I always go to your home, Always drive for 2 1/2 hours (ISMAEL: So you see each other) and I wait for you, I let you eat!!

ISMAEL: So there is a friendship between you, because one of the most important things in a group, and having you 5 years of being together, is a relationship as friends.
PB: If you see three guys on stage that hate each other you “understand” (GG: you can feel it) If you see three guys who love each other as brothers, that is what people feel.

ISMAEL: What do you admire from each other? Gianluca (PB: Nothing!! hahaha)
GG: There are so many things, specially our voices, Piero and Ignazio’s voices are incredible, they are tenors. (ISMAEL: You are the Baritone) Yes, they have so much power. Each one is particular, has it’s own personality, and that is why… how can I say… the union of the voices; when we sing together, specially when we sing armonies it is the best part, I think.

ISMAEL: I have a number here, but I want you to update. I have here that you have sold more than one Million of CD’s (GG: yes) the first album.
IB: Excuse me!!! almost two Million

ISMAEL: almost two million, you see? So, no more than one Million but almost two million copies around the world. And at this moment with all that is happening in the world of music, is a record!! maybe it must have been 10 million 20 years ago!!
IB: Let me tell you that it is not only time, it is also the kind of music, because Justin Timberlake sells, I do not know, 10 Million copies (GG: 20) 20 million copies, but it is a more commercial kind of music, and ours is a difficult kind of music. Economy now a days is like… “asi” and it is a real success because it is very difficult at this date, with our kind of music, to sell almost 2 million copies.

ISMAEL: Congratulations, and let’s hope sales increase with your following albums, you have so much time ahead, being 20 years old and all you have achieved… What I say is how difficult would it be to be conquering your dreams being known practically all around the world.
GG: The difficult thing is to maintain success. To get to it is… you know, you have to work hard to do good music, but once you are on the top, you have to maintain and that is the hardest part.

ISMAEL: Well, but it shows you will do it.
PB: If you reach your goal, and you are where you wanted to be, why change your personality? Why change and do things like not saying hi, how do you say? “loose the floor” (ISMAEL: “Loose the floor”)
IB: But there is the problem!! (PB: What problem?) (GG: which is the problem?) that before you never went like Antonio Banderas showing your chest!!
PB: We are at Miami, it is so hot in here!! (IB: the sexy guy).

ISMAEL: We will make a pause, going to publicity and return to continue talking with the three guys of Il Volo for the first time in Cala, but backstage you made an armony, I would like to go to publicity with you doing what you want…
IB: “Es la historia de un amor”
PB: “Ya no estás mas a mi lado corazón” “You are not near me anymore”
GG: “En el alma solo tengo soledad” “There is only loneliness in my sowl”
IB: “Y si yo no puedo verte, porque Dios me hizo quererte” “And if I can’t see you, why God made me love you”
“Para hacerme sufrir mas” “just to make me suffer more”

ISMAEL: We will be back with Il Volo, don’t go… Fantastic!!

ISMAEL: Thanks, we are back talking with Il Volo, Piero Barone, Ignazio (IB: Ignazio) Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble (GG: Perfect) the problem is with you Ignazio, I have problems saying your name, it looks easy but it is not.. There are many questions from Ilvolovers (GG: Ilvolovers) For example this one, Vale: Gianluca if an Ilvolover touches your hair, what would you do to them?
GG: No, if an Ilvolover touches my hair, I will give her a kiss, If Piero or Ignazio touch it no, because they are always bothering me touching my front hair; It takes 30 mins. to fix it and they come and touch it, always.

ISMAEL: (to Piero) and you? how long does it take to you to fix your hair?
PB_ No, no, I am not like him, always at the mirror
GG: what do you want to say? that I am fanatic, vanish?, what do you want to say?
PB: No, I didn’t say anything!! I am Sicilian, I do´t see anything, don’t say anything and don’t know anything!!
GG: No, you don’t know anything!!

ISMAEL: We have other question here.. Liz Diaz: If you make this year a tour in America Latina, would you include Venezuela?
GG: Of course!!
IB: Hey, I want you to see something. Here, my bracelet, you see? “The one who gets tired… looses”

ISMAEL: And that is your bracelet supporting Venezuela?
IB: Yes, we three have one. We are very near all Latinamerica, because Latinamerica means a lot for us. But when you see friends, first of all friends, and then fans who need our support, we are the first ones to be there, and always Venezuela in our hearts.

ISMAEL: Of course. Which Country from Americalatina, I know maybe all the ones you’ve been, but which one has a special meaning for you? a place that you remember particuarly because of something in special during this 5 years of your carreer?
GG: Well, I really do not know. Last year’s tour in LatinAmerica was a real unexpected success, many people at.. The “Auditorio Nacional” in Mexico, in Argentina, fans waiting for us at the airports, outside the hotels.. it is incredible! There is no Country in special, All was great, from the beginning to the end.

ISMAEL: And at 2014 you are on tour again at AmericaLatina?
GG: We will be back to the United States in June, a 15 concerts tour, Canada and the United States. (ISMAEL: Woow! Congrats!!) and probably we will be back for a tour at Latinamerica.
ISMAEL: There is another question from Gabriela that says… Ask them how is the new cd going? Are you doing the new record?
PB: Yes, we start by looking for the songs, how do you say? raw material. (GG: yes, raw material) (ISMAEL: the songs) The first thing are the songs, and then the arrangements, and then with producers.. but if we like the song, we record it, if we don’t like the song, we do not record it.

ISMAEL: But, how this negotiation is made when it is not one person, you are three the ones who must like the song!
PB: We are not three. We are Il Volo, the manager, who is a musician, and the producers.
ISMAEL: Then, how this process occurs? Ignazio.
IB: It is very difficult, you know, when there are many people talking about one thing, it is difficult, but the beautiful thing here is that we have always the same idea, and we do not have problems because we have the same musical tastes, we accept advices and really, we are like brothers, so, we accept everything.

ISMAEL: Are there composers here with you? Anyone who likes to write?
PB: Yes, we write a lot, I play de piano and starting to play drums and Ignazio plays Piano, Bass..
GG: Here, the one who writes more, is the man over there, Ignazio.
IB: The exclusive!!
GG: The exclusive, as he says. Ignazio writes a lot and very good songs, pop and more classical songs.

ISMAEL: When we are talking about composing, we are talking about letter and melody?
GG: Yes, letter and melody. We also write some songs the three of us, together, and we will see if we can include them in some new album, we will consider this idea.

ISMAEL: All three are single?
GG: Yes, we are single and we are young. We want to enjoy this moment, because it will never come back. You have to live your youth in the best way (ISMAEL: Of course) You don’t seek for love, it comes alone, so when it does, I will be very happy.
ISMAEL: So, the three of you are enjoying this moment, without a formal compromise.
IB: At times, you need a hug from a person who loves you, but this is a very complicated life, and we get our family hugs, which are the most important of all.

ISMAEL: Are you still studying? because since this began, 5 years ago, what happened with your education, you continued studying? You don’t have time?
PB: I continue studying playing the piano, and now it is the most important moment, why? because you have to achieve more each day; now it is like a competition with yourself.

ISMAEL: But, what about school?
PB: We are finishing school, we have two years..
GG: I want to say something. It is difficult for us to study because at the same time we have to travel, we are not at home at Italy all the time. Culture is also very important, and we have the fortune to speach two additional languages, Spanish and English and that is too much, I think, and of course we study History, Phylosophy, this kind of school..
PB: That related to school. but we also study music. I am studying piano and now I am studying opera, because I love it; I grew up listening to opera, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, with whom we made a duet, and now it is time to study seriously. It is another world, you have to listen and learn music everyday. It is a world that each day, I like more.
GG: As I told you, we have three different personalities, for example, I do not listen too much opera, he does. We have different voices.

ISMAEL: And that is good..
GG: Ignazio likes opera, or not Ignazio? You love Steve Wonder..
IB: Yes, I love Steve Wonder, … , I also listen to opera, I like it but it is not in my heart.

ISMAEL: What do you think of Justin Bieber?
GG: It would be better if you say Justin Timberlake because is one of my idols, but Justin Bieber.. he is through a very difficult moment. It is so easy to loose your head with this kind of work.
IB: I feel real sorry (GG: I feel sorry too) because he is one of the most talented guys in this world, and he does great music. But sometimes people loose themselves because of a behavior..

ISMAEL: It must be very difficult to be so famous, so much money being so young.
IB: But you know, Justin Bieber is an icon to young people, teenagers, he is an example for them. And music is wonderful but at times you can give a wrong example with some behaviours. But I think that in music he is spectacular, he has ideas and talent that can sell.

ISMAEL: Besides music, what would you like to do? Are you interested in Acting, get your own perfumes, an special brand of sun eyeglasses, clothes?
PB: I love eyeglasses (ISMAEL: I can see) but, I come from a family of mechanics. My father and my uncle are mechanics and I love cars. When I am at home at Sicily I always go to my Dad’s garage to fix the cars…
GG: Yes, but the question is if we like to act of something else, besides of being singers.

ISMAEL: We were talking about Justine Timberlake, and besides he is a great actor.
GG: Let me tell you something. We are working also to be actors. Like a Mini-serie based on our carreer, on our lives, which will be out next year. I am not going to say more!!
ISMAEL: Well, but you are going to be yourselves..
GG: Yes, but we will be acting. We will play ourselves..

ISMAEL: Oh, I get it, you will interpretate yourselves in this mini-serie (GG: Yes) Like One Direction Serie?
GG: No, that is a documentary. What we will do is… how can I say…
IB: It is like a “telenovela”,
GG: Fiction, that is it

ISMAEL: There is something written and you will interpretate yourselves, woow, that will force you to act. You (to Piero) can make an eyeglasses brand..
PB: Yes, “Rojo Barone” (“Red Barone”)

ISMAEL: It has been a real pleasure to meet you, wish you all the success in this world..
GG: It has been our pleasure, thank you..
ISMAEL: Thank you, to Ignazio, I can’t shake hands (IB: Virtual hand) It has relly been a pleasure you’ve been here.

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