Il Volo links and news for May 31, 2014

Links and News

:: May 31, 2014 – Anastacia-Il Volo, duetto all’Arena di Verona I – on Giornalle di Sicilia (in Italian)

:: May 31,2014 – Anastacia-Il Volo, duetto all’Arena di Verona II – on Giornalle di Sicilia (in Italian)

:: May 31, 2014 – Duetto inedito per Anastacia e Il Volo al gala Arena di Verona – Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare – by Claudia Gagliardi on Optimagazine (in Italian)

:: May 31, 2014 – Bruno Vespa announced on twitter: Il Volo will be soon on Porta Porta. We think that is the same appearance announced here few days ago on an interview: :: May 25, 2014 – Il Volo a Taormina – by Michela Misuraca on Misuratamente (in Italian)

:: May 31, 2014 – IL VOLO «I segreti di Streisand e Dion» – on L’ (in Italian)

:: May 30, 2014 – Arena lo spettacolo sta per iniziare – video – interview – on L’ (in Italian)

:: May 30, 2014 – HIT THE ROAD MAN: DA STASERA SU CANALE 5 LE INTERVISTE DI PASCAL VICEDOMINI. SHARON STONE FA UN APPELLO A PAPA FRANCESCO – by Annapina Rinaldi on Davide Maggio (in Italian) – Il Volo will be guest on the new TV Show. Soon! May 31, 2014 – 12pm on Canale 5, local time.

Press Conference – Il Volo on “Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare”

Interviews and press conference in Verona, anticipating the opening of the Opera Season, the gala concert Lo Spettacolo Sta Per Iniziare, where Il Volo will perform among international artists, like Anastacia and Riccardo Crocciante. The concert will be hosted by Antonella Clerici on June 1st at Arena Di Verona, Italy.

video by Guarda Notizie

Il Volo links and news for May 30, 2014

Links and News:: May, 30, 2014 – And they are their way to London! (18h, local time)

:: May 30, 2014 – Freedom Hill summer concert lineup features wide variety of artists – on Macomb Daily – about Il Volo concert in Freedom Hill – “Italian youngsters Il Volo … Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble … come to Sterling Heights a week after Ross’ show. The singers in Il Volo first made a name for themselves when they won a popular Italian talent show “Ti Lascio Una Canzone.” Il Volo (which means “the flight”) released its first album in April, 2011. It has sold more than one million copies worldwide. The group’s second album, “We Are Love”, was released in 2012.”

:: Antonella Clerici conduce all’Arena di Verona: “Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare” – on Guarda Notizie – about the concert in Verona / press conference. Continue reading

Il Volo – interview on Cala

Il Volo on CalaCNN

photo by Victor Rodriguez

On April 23, 2014,  Il Volo attended an interview conducted by Ismael Cala on CalaCNN. The interview took place in Miami during the Billboard’s week.

They talked about their career from the beginning on Ti Lascio Una Canzone to their nomination to the Billboard Award. The hostess did several questions about their daily life, their preferences and personal plans to the future. Beyond what we already know well, we can highlight:

They mention the work in  the new album, which will be a surprise. They are deciding the songs, the arrangement and other details along with the manager and producers.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca confirm the tour on Latino America this year.

Piero said that is studying opera seriously.

Gianluca confirms that they are working on a project for 2015: a series that will narrate the international success of Il Volo [1]. On the series they will act playing themselves!

Enjoy the video!

video by CNN – Il Volo en Cala

[1] All About Il Volo already announced this here: Il Volo on a Mediaset fiction.

:: Full translation to English by Gaby Dion:

ISMAEL: He says many fans have asked him why if Il Volo has been so many times in Miami, they haven’t been there with him? He says finally the day has come. Now, talking about the reflection of the day, of the US author Isaac Asimov, a phrase in which I believe “luck is just on a prepared mind side”

We have heard and said many times “this person has good luck”, but we do not really know all the hours of work, dedication and effort this person has been through to get his achievement.. to get to his goal, and that is what people calls “luck”. And I ask, do you believe luck gets from nowhere? We create our luck with work and effort? Are you waiting for luck to get to you or you go and look for it?

Now, I want to welcome Piero Barone ( PB: Ciao!! ) Ciao!! I’ve been working on my Italian, but here comes the complicated one, in Spanish it is Ignazio, but in Italian it is Ignazio..
(IB: Something like that)
Something like that says Ignazio (IB: Something like that)
Ignazio Boschetto, welcome Ignazio. (IB: thank you) and Gianluca Ginoble, (GG: here I am) welcome. Continue reading

Late Il Volo daily for May – 25 to 27

May 25… Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were home, with their family and friends, and had some fun.
Ercole Ginoble shared these beautiful family photos of our Gian -always such a baby face 🙂 – with mom and Ernesto.

Piero said: Continue reading

Il Volo on Il Vomere May 17ed

Il Vomere May 17Article “Il Volo sul tetto del mondo” by Abele Gallo on Il Vomere, edition of May 17, released online today.

Il Volo on the top of the world

by Abele Gallo

Another global recognition for Ignazio Boschetto and partners

On April 24, last year, in Miami,Florida, was held the very important ceremony of the “Billboard Latin Music Award 2014”, which are considered the “Oscars” of Latin music.

The most coveted title in the category “Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group” was won by young boys of our knowledge, Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and our Ignazio Boschetto, simply Il Volo.

The award, a recognition of global significance, is the icing on the pie of a season of grace for the Italian trio, who now has overwhelmed the competition of historical names of Latin music, such as Mana, Jesse & Joy and Los Bukis .

Now our friend Ignazio, along with his fellows on the adventure, is firmly consolidated in the elite of world music, although Italy still seems to snub the boys, who started from Ti Lascio Una Canzone and arrived in the “who’s who” of the global recording scenario.

Considering Clerici’s programme, the boys, returning from the United States, have made a surprise to the hostess and to the audience of Rai 1, appearing on the stage of the talent show with a prize in hand to the dutiful Live performance on the 26th episode.

The next day, when return to Marsala, Ignazio was triumphantly welcomed by a hundred of people, who have wanted to celebrate at his home, a surprise party organized by Mrs. Caterina with the complicity of family and friends.

By the way, on the party, the award was also present, arrived from America with Ignazio and now is on display in the extraordinary artist trophy of Marsala.

:: Original in Italian

Il Volo sul tetto del mondo Continue reading

Il Volo links and news for May 27, 2014

Links and News:: May 27, 2014 – Roberto Amadè in concert – Oue friend Rob will perform Friday, June 13 at the Il Sipario Strappato Muvita in Arenzano – Genova. Tickets on HappyTicket.

:: May 27, 2014 – Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare – on DisMappa (in Italian) – About the concert on June 1st at Arena Di Verona.

Il Volo interview on W L’Italia – RTL 102.5

On May 27, 2104, Il Volo attended an interview on the radio show W L’Italia, conducted by Angelo Baiguini and Valeria Benatti on RTL 102.5 in Milan . An amazing interview, which brought all important themes on Il Volo’s career as well as some news, for example that Il Volo will duet with Anastacia on June 1st at Arena Di Verona on the concert Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare, a opening event for the Opera season.

Click the image to access the video:

Il Volo on RTL 102.5

:: video : Il Volo on W L’Italia
:: all credits to RTL 102.5 / Radiovisione


This was another fun and relaxed interview, where the guys were charming and professional at the same time. Among all the things we know by heart already – how and where they met, their tours and accomplishments- we had great news, like the duet (or quartet as the hosts mentioned as a joke) with the singer Anastacia for the upcoming show Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare where – even the guys wanted to keep it as a secret – they will sing Elvis’ hit “It’s now or never”.

Even is not new, they confirmed that they will be in London and that they will do a tour in Latin America, after taking vacations. They also mentioned that they are working really hard on the new album.