Laura Pausini and Friends – impressions of the concert

Il Volo and Laura Pausini

Il Volo and Laura Pausini

Se non te” was the song that opened the evening at the sold out Madison Square Garden. Laura Pausini very moved sang this new song, part of her new album – The 20 Greatest Hits – released on November 12, 2013 and start the concert that marked her 20-year career. On the stage performed many internationally famous artists, in amazing duets, which had a great applause from the receptive and also very emotional audience.

Biagio Antonacci followed Laura in the first duet, singing together “Viveme” – from the album song “Resta in ascolto” which gave the Grammy to Laura in 2006. “Viveme” was the second song written by Antonacci to Laura Pausini.

Recently, in Brazil, Laura Pausini confessed that “Ivete Sangalo on the stage of the Madison with me is a dream. A friend who understand very well my sincere love for Brazil.” And the reverse is also true for Ivete, fresh out of another “Arrastão” in Salvador, landed in New York ready for the show, which will be recorded on DVD. Her duet with Ivete, the Italian/Portuguese version of “Le cose che vivi“, had a huge applause and the audience could see the love and the partnership between the two singers. The photo with the Brazilian flag is already most published by the Brazilian press. As soon as possible, Ivete commented on the social networks: “I just sing with her @laurapausini. How can she be so beautiful, so talented, so endearing, all together at the same time. God, what a night !!”

Another expected duet was with the group Il Volo, who in a recent interview had expressed their dream of singing with Pausini. For many days the fans has been following the preparations for this event, and during the performance of Laura Pausini and Il Volo, the social networks were filled with photos and videos taken at the concert and shared with enthusiasm. Laura Pausini presented Il Volo slowly, anticipating and increasing the pleasure of the audience, which practically roared at the entrance of the trio. The guys friendly as always, welcomed the hostess and then the voice of Ignazio Boschetto sounded in the first verse of “In Assenzza di Te“, which with a surprising arrangement, could include in the same song so different voices. The audience reacted to each change of interpreter and all seemed very happy and relaxed on stage. Today, Laura sent a message to the group thanking and praising their performance: “YOU GUYS ARE A FxxxING ROCK STARS 🙂  ! AND …WHAT A VOICES! è STATO BELLISSIMO CANTARE CON VOI…BRAVI! grazie”

Miguel Bosé could not miss this event, he sang with Laura “Te Amare“. Miguel Bosé was awarded with the Latin Grammy Awards 2013 “Person of the Year”, when he sang with Laura Pausini this same song, a high point in the career of the two singers. The last to come on stage was the Latin music icon Gloria Estefan. The song “Sonrie” was chosen by the two for a duet that will last in history. On the audience, highlights to Jovanotti, with his family, honoring the concert of his friend Laura Pausini.

In addition to the duets with internationally renowned artists, Laura, dressed by Armani, sang her greatest hits from the recent to old ones. Between rock and more melodic songs, her 20-years career was shown to the public, ending with “La Solitudine”, one of her best known and loved songs, in a new arrangement made by no other than Ennio Morricone.

Tired but happy, Laura thanked all: “The happiest and tired (just because it’s late) singer in the world, tonight in New York realized one of the biggest dreams! Thank you for our new Sold Out concert… It was incredible! Thanks to my beautiful guests Gloria Estefan, Ivete Sangalo, Il Volo, Miguel Bosé and my brother Biagio Antonacci. Thanks to my technicians…the best group ever! Have a goodnight or a good morning…it just need to be good!

* This review was written based on articles published in the media, in Laura Pausini site and on information collected with whom was present. It is a translation of the original written in Portuguese.

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