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Do you remember how far away it looked when Laura Pausini’s concert was announced for the first time? There’s no doubt that time flies and here we are today, all eyes and ears on Madison Square Garden.

First tweets of the guys in New York were about the weather. They left their sunny and not so cold Italy to go to an extremely cold New York but I think it was worthy to be there.

Gian said good morning with a selfie
Daily Mar 6, 2014 - Gianluca

And we have lots of pics of Ignazio during his days off. Enjoy!

And these that have caused a lot of fuzz, shared by a Brazilian friend of him

The mood was set since early day. The guys shared pics of them with Biagio Antonacci and Miguel Bosé from the rehearsals I think, although it looks like they had lunch with Biagio

Go to the Gallery, is all there  😀

While we were planning how to do the cover of the concert, we received a surprise. Days ago we asked Katya Pantaleo if we could have the lyrics of Ignazio’s song she sang in Sanremo. She told us she needed to consult him before doing it. We thought she might had forgotten about it or that maybe she wasn’t allowed to do so, but today she was so nice to us and sent us the lyrics. Here the lyrics of Come in Paradiso. Of course what we did was to translate the song and now that we fully understand it, we love it even more! It’s a beautiful romantic song, now there’s only one question left: Who inspired Igny to write it?

And while we were entertained flying among not white but pink clouds with Igny,  because here in AAIV our thoughts and feelings towards him are merely romantic and sweet 😉 , the Madison Square Garden opened its doors

And pics started to appear, then short clips and we were expecting to see the guys on stage…. excitement floating all over the #ilvolosphere… And it happened. The guys appeared on stage and absolutely rock, even Laura Pausini herself said so! But, we are going to leave you wanting for more, because we will wait for the best shots and clips to come out tomorrow to show you…so I guess ‘say good night and see you tomorrow’ is all is left to do!

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