Il Volo Daily – Dec 30, 2013

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Daily Dec 30 - Il Volo blowing kisses

Daily Dec 30 - Piero and friends Daily Dec 30 - Gianluca Ginoble





Hi you all!! Gettin’ ready for the party!!? ‘Cause I am more than ready!

I don’t know if it is the same for everybody, but Holidays create a strange atmosphere, a sort of bubble where you think whatever you do on holidays doesn’t affect the rest of the time, do you know what I’m saying? But every time, once Holidays have finished you have to deal with the consequences, whatever they are, right?  Well, Gianluca is starting to deal with some consequences, as today he twitted: “I need to go to the gym NOW! Getting weight!!!”. But don’t worry Gianluca! I bet you’re still looking gooood!

Piero shared with us a nice picture of him on Instagram (Thank you, bb!)

Daily Dec 30 - Piero


And even though Ignazio didn’t appear today on networks, we know he was enjoying with some friends. As you can see in the pics, he looks relaxed and happy, (even more handsome, if that is possible). You can tell it suits him being home with his family. Thanks to whom shared these!

Daily Dec 30 - GianlucaGianluca spent his afternoon at home I guess, he told us: “Life of Pi such a good movie” , shared this pic with us and continued twitting: “Credete sia facile giudicare se non se conosce bene una persona? -NO! // Do you think is easy to judge if you don’t know a person? -NO!” , “Time to sleep” and then, the melancholy started “I already miss the other life”  , “Believe in your family”  , “Friends…I can’t sleep quisiera la compañía de todas!” (o.O) ,  “I think too much you know?” , “I feel good when I see all the twits you send to me, it makes me feel that you all are close to me…Like by my side”“I’m not alone and I’ll never be”. I guess Gianluca explained all this time: when he decides to go to sleep, he starts thinking and missing -not a good combination- then he can´t sleep and he continues thinking, missing and twitting…and the result are all these tweets… But again Gian, here we are for you…

This is the end for today, and I have an announcement. There won’t be a Daily post on Dec 31 and on Jan 1st, so I’ll see you on Jan 2. Therefore, this is my last post of the year…for me it has been an intense year… a year of adjustment cause, as I have told you before, I am a mom of two and it has been a challenge, a good challenge though.

Something important this year was knowing the existence of this world, the ilvolover world. I couldn’t even imagine, when I discovered this amazing trio, that a year later I was going to meet all this amazing people, and I was going to be part of this great community. And not even in my wildest dreams, that I was going to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about Il Volo and other stuff with all of you. I’m so grateful that this opportunity was given to me.

Thank you Suzana and Athena ’cause in these past days we have shared a lot, I’m grateful that now you are part of my life. Love you gals!

Thank you to all my #ilvolover friends ’cause now I can share this dream with all of you, Il Volo has brought us together, but I know we will have more reasons to stay together.

Special thanks to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, for all you did for me just by being there, for reaching me with your voices at the right time, in the right moment and leading me to a happier place. (and why not, for being sooo good looking, that’s an extra ;P )

Thank you Life. Thank you Lord.

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Farewell 2013…Welcome 2014!!


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