Il Volo Daily – Dec 28, 2013

Hello everybody!! How are you?

First of all, those who live in countries where they have the “Dia de los Inocentes” tradition and had to “suffer” all kinds of pranks, I hope that you hadn’t lost money or valuable things. I just got caught by two friends who I thought were mature and serious, my mistake… 😉

The day started with Gianluca. For the delight of some (not me, I’m in the pro-shabby team), he announced: “I just shaved my beard off”. It’s OK, he looks nice either way, plus it will grow again 🙂

Daily Dec 28 Piero dinnerLater was Piero with: “Dinner time!!!”. I hope that he had enjoyed a nice dinner.

And then a bomb on Twitter when Gian wrote: “I need to know how much you all love me”. Personally, I wanted to answer but I got frozen (now I have an answer I will tell you later). Fortunately, some other girls knew perfectly what to say as Nahomi proved with this question (and look at Gian’s answer!):  “@NahomiRJ: @GianGinoble what about how much do you love us? // more than my life! And I’m sure you know it! <3 “.

Then I think he tried to distract the attention with: “Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out.”, a good piece of advise but everybody was giving him the reasons why is so lovable. He did some retweets and responded to some others, like this one: “[…] I want your happiness. #ilvolovers #fansallovertheworld”. After came “You and I don’t wanna be like them, we can make it til the end” (“One Direction – You & I” maybe?) “Mi mancate” and the night ended with “Buonanotte my loves”

In the middle of Gian’s storm, Ignazio twitted: “Feeling little sad” , and there I could imagine, these two guys, in their rooms, in their beds, missing each other (cause they spend most of the time together and for sure they miss each other) missing us, and all of us missing them so much, but at the same time all knowing that this is exactly the way it has to be for now…

It’s a strange life we all have, don’t you think? Sometimes I feel like I’m living this double life, so I can’t even think how they feel trying to adjust themselves into the just-every-boy life and then into the Il Volo life again. The important thing is that we’ll be here for them every time.

I know that I promised an answer for Gian, but after thinking and thinking and trying to define my emotions, I couldn´t find a way to express what I feel. In my defence I have to say that it’s just the way I am. I feel very exposed sometimes, when my feelings are deep. And when it comes about these guys my feelings ARE deep. I just hope that the day I get to be in front of them I find the words to express how I feel about each one of them… or maybe someday they’ll find these posts and between thoughts and jokes they can figure it out by themselves.

Thank you for reading everybody and see you tomorrow!

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