The Il Volo concert in Porto Alegre

Il Volo concert in Porto Alegre Nov 2013 IOn November 9, 2013 Il Volo performed a magnificent concert in Porto Alegre, the capital of the estate of Rio Grande do Sul at the south of Brazil. The concert took place on the Araújo Vianna Amphitheater, a beautiful venue inside the well known Farroupilha Park.

The region has a large Italian community who attended the concert in countless chartered buses filling the theater with an audience that included several generations. The concert started on time and soon the most reserved people of Brazil was delighted with he sympathy and the talent of the trio. Piero Barone began talking in English and Spanish and asked what language the people prefer, and was surprised when people answered him in Italian, asking for Italian.

Il Volo concert in Porto Alegre Nov 2013 IAnd the only concert in Italian of Il Volo in South America continued with the audience warming more and more with each song and each new joke of Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone. The repertoire was the same of the We Are Love tour and the Italian songs were the most applauded, with the audience singing along “Un Amore Cosi Grande”and “Il Mondo”.

If the solo performances thrilled everyone and had standing ovations, “Maria” amazed the young ladies, but the entire audience stoop up to sing “O Sole Mio”. Il Volo for sure left its mark in the hearts of the ‘portoalegrenses’. A concert that will not be forgotten for those who were there last night.

Don’t miss the photo galleries with amazing pics by the photographer Fabiano Vuelma:

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And watch the playlist with videos shared by fans:

Em português:

O concerto do Il Volo em Porto Alegre

Em 9 de novembro de 2013, o Il Volo realizou um magnífico concerto em Porto Alegre, a capital do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, no sul do Brasil. O concerto teve lugar no Auditório Araújo Vianna, um belo teatro localizado no interior do bem conhecido Parque Farroupilha.

A região tem uma grande comunidade Italiana que se fez presente no concerto em inúmeros onibus especialmente fretados e encheu o teatro com um público que incluiu diversas gerações. O concerto iniciou pontualmente e logo o mais reservado público do Brasil estava encantado com a simpatia e o talento do trio. Piero Barone iniciou falando em inglês e espanhol e perguntou qual língua o povo preferia e se surpreendeu quando responderam em italiano, pedindo que falasse em italiano.

E o único concerto do Il Volo em italiano na América do Sul continuou com a audiência se aquecendo mais e mais a cada canção e a cada nova brincadeira de Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble e Piero Barone. O repertório foi o mesmo da turnê We Are Love e as canções italianas foram as mais aplaudidas, com o público cantando junto “Un Amore Cosi Grande”e “Il Mondo”.

Se os solos emocionaram todo mundo e foram aplaudidos em pé, “Maria” encantou as jovens. Porém o público todo levantou e foi para a frente do palco para cantar “O Sole Mio”. O Il Volo certamente deixou a sua marca nos corações dos portoalegrenses. Um concerto que não será esquecido por todos aqueles que estiveram lá à noite passada.

Não deixe de ver as galerias de fotos, com belas imagens do fotógrafo Fabiano Vuelma.

:: photo gallery I
:: galeria de fotos II
:: galeria de fotos III

E aqui a playlist de vídeos compartilhados.

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11 thoughts on “The Il Volo concert in Porto Alegre

  1. Female in the Audience,singing too loud(& off Key)”ruined “O Sole Mio”. It’s nice to sing along,but she should have sung softly,as she was so close to the person videoing. Just my opinion.

    • Joan 🙂
      They asked the audience to sing along and to come near the stage. It was the only song that we sing out loud 🙂
      The audience was awesome during the concert. Hugs!

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  4. Hi Mari I read your heartfelt story on the previous page & was touched by the health issues you had & your miraculous recovery. |I LOVR these beautiful young men also since the first time I saw them in 2009 & Ignazio has won my heart.
    The playlist is magnificent & each of their solos they do I love each song they have chosen.
    Is it possible that I could get the link to the play list so I can keep in my video file?
    I love raeding this column All About Il Volo you are so on top of everything about the boys.
    Keep up the excellent work.
    Loretta This would be greatly appreciated

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