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Il Volo in DetroitPiero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Ginaluca Ginoble are celebrating the Christmas holidays with their brand new PBS special taking on American Christmas classics at 5:30pm local time, Detroit Public Television (photo of DBTV)

Il Volo on Twitter invites: Performing your favorite Christmas classics on @PBS tonight. We’re ready for Christmas!! See local listings for times.

Il Volo Daily – 29/nov/2013

IgnazioIgnazio today on Twitter/Brabble/Instagram:

Heeeey see you in a few here at the @mallofamerica!!! Don´t miss it!!!

Ready to perform at the @mallofamerica!!!

An amazing crowd today…!! Thank you so much Minneapolis..!!!

Questo plurale maestale..!!

Buona notte…!!! 10 days to get my Italia…!!!


GianlucaGianluca today on Twitter/Brabble/Instagram:

If you go away.

Time goes by slower when you miss someone you love.

Llega un pinto en tu vida, que te das cuenta: quien importa, quien nunca importó, quien no importa más y quien siempre importará // It comes a point in life, when you realice: who matters, who never mattered, who doesn’t matter anymore and who will always matter.

At the @mallofamerica in Minneapolis almost ready for the performance.

Who’s tuning in tonight to see us sing with @BarbraStreisand? 8 PM local time on PBS 🙂


PieroPiero on Twitter/Brabble/Instagram today

We are here!!

Super sleepy!!!!!! #NeedCoffee

#MallOfAmerica (USA flag) #BlackFriday #Minneapolis

Today I can tell that the #Christmas time has started here!!! #Minneapolis #MallOfAmerica


Il VoloIl Volo team arrived to Minneapolis and the first thing was to talk about the weather. It was so cold there! They were excited to perform at Mall of America. The performance took place at 2 pm (local time) and we did a beautiful photo gallery. @ilvolominnesota was there to meet Il Volo and sent awesome pictures to all the #ilvolovers . After the performance, they remind us to tune in tonight to see them sing with @BarbraStreisand in the PBS Back to Brooklyn (8 pm). They also invite: “Singing songs off of #BuonNatale tomorrow night for @PBS’s Christmas Special! Join us and sing along 🙂

Il Volo dinner

via @aidamzammit



Il Volo at the Mall of America


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Il Volo Holiday Performance and Signing * photos and video of @gianginoble @piero_barone @iboschetto @ilvolomiami @mallofamerica update dec, 04: Read this beautiful post at Il Volo Flight Crew: Three voices – one goal – by Mary Jane, Mary B. and … Continue reading

Il Volo concert in Assisi, Italy – december, 14.

Il Volo Buon Natale“Il Volo” da San Francesco per un “Buon Natale”

Il travolgente trio pop lirico sarà protagonista del tradizionale concerto nella città serafica con tanti artisti internazionali

Il trio “Il Volo“, composto dall’abruzzese Gianluca Ginoble, dal siciliano Piero Barone e dall’emiliano Ignazio Boschetto (meno di sessant’anni in tre), sarà protagonista del concerto di Natale ad Assisi nella basilica di San Francesco insieme a numerosi artisti internazionali. Il trio pop lirico canterà il 14 dicembre. L’esibizione sarà registrata dalle telecamere di RaiUno per essere poi mandata in onda il 25 dicembre, alle 12,15. Il concerto del giovane trio italiano sarà incentrato sui brani del nuovo cd Buon Natale – The Christmas Album, raccolta di classici natalizi in uscita in Italia e nel mondo il 26 novembre.

da Corriere dell Umbria via @morena_faenza


“Il Volo” por São Francisco para um “Buon Natale”

O irresistível trio de pop lírico será protagonista do tradicional concerto na cidade seráfica com muitos artistas internacionais

O trio Ïl Volo”, composto pelo abruzense Gianluca Ginoble, pelo siciliano Piero Barone e pelo emiliano Ignazio Boschetto (menos de 60 anos entre os três), será protagonista do concerto de Natal em Assis, na basílica de São Francisco junto com numerosos artistas internacionais. O trio de pop lírico cantará em 14 de dezembro. A exibição será registrada pela RaiUno e irá ao ar em 25 de dezembro. O concerto do jovem trio italiano vai se concentrar em seu novo álbum, Buon Natale, uma coleção de clássicos natalícios lançado na Itália em 26 de novembro.


“Il Volo” from Saint Francis for a “Buon Natale”

The overwhelming operatic pop trio will be the protagonist at the traditional concert in the seraphic city with many international artists.

The trio Il Volo, composed by Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and  Ignazio Boschetto (less than 60 years between the three), will be the protagonist of the Christmas concert in Assisi, at the Basilica of Saint Francis with numerous international artists . The operatic pop trio will sing on December 14. The concert will be recorded by RaiUno and will be aired on December 25. The concert of the young Italian trio will focus on their new album, Buon Natale, a collection of Christmas classics released in Italy on November 26.

Il Volo Daily – 28 nov 2013

9h49 LA – Twitter > Piero: Happy #Thanksgiving

10h23 LA – Twitteer > Il Volo: Happy Thanksgiving to our US fans! We are thankful for YOU ALL! (Feliz Dia de Ação de Graças aos nossos fãs dos USA! Somos gratos por todos vocês!)

14h LA – Twitter > Il Volo: Who’s tuning in tonight to see us sing with @BarbraStreisand? 8 PM local time on @PBS 🙂 (Quem estará sintonizando esta noite para nos ver cantar com @BarbraStreisand? 8h LA time no @PBS)

14h56 LA – Twitter > Ignazio: #HappyThanksgiving everybody..!! Love you all (Feliz Dia de Ação de Graças a todos! Amo todos vocês)

15h LA – Twitter > Gianluca: About to take off. Minneapolis (Quase saindo para Minneapolis)

15h07 LA – Twitter > Piero: Leaving to #Minneapolis!!  Bye bye #LA (Partindo para Minneapolis)

17h18 LA – Twitter > Ignazio: Ready again to travel like crazy…!!!image

21h45 MX – Twitter > Gianluca: When you listen a wonderful melody that reminds you all the most beautiful moments. #nostalgia

22h52 MN- Twitter > Gianluca: Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending

22h55 MN – Twitter > Ignazio: Minneapolis…! Just got in here..!!

Il Volo Buon Natale (KPBS)

Buon NataleItalian trio ushers in the holiday season with a new concert special filmed at the Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater. Il VoloPiero Barone (20), Ignazio Boschetto (19) and Gianluca Ginoble (18) — received raves for their vocal talent and showmanship displayed in their first two PBS specials, “Il Volo Takes Flight” and “Il Volo We Are Love.” Now the group takes on Christmas classics, performing before an enthusiastic audience amidst Santa hats, decorated Christmas trees and beautifully wrapped presents. “Il Volo Buon Natale” is part of special programming premiering on PBS stations beginning November 30, 2013. >> Read More at KPBS.

Il Volo Daily – 27 nov 2013

4h41 LA – Twitter > Gianluca: I’m not twitting to much! :/ no worries. I’m just a kind of busy. (Não estou ‘tuitando’muito :/ sem preocupa’ões. Estou apenas ocupado.)

10h27 LA – Twitter > Il Volo Our Christmas album is featured in @Target’s Holiday Sale, save 20% when you pick up a copy this week!
(Nosso album de Natal está com 20% de desconto esta semana)

11h38 LA – Twitter > Piero: Christmas is close! Find our Christmas album #BuonNatale at Amazon MP3 to get into the spirit

11h46 LA – Twitter > Il Volo: We’ll be on @hallmarkchannel’s Home & Family Primetime Holiday Special in 15 min at 12pm PST singing songs from #BuonNatale! Who’s watching?

14h23 LA – Twitter > Gianluca: Hi to all the folks

15h LA – Twitter > Ignazio:  Giornoooooooooo (Bom diaaaa)

17h LA – Brabble > Ignazio: I really like this picture…!!… (Eu gosto realmente desta foto)


18h LA – Il Volo perform at The Grove >> see little video (Il Volo se apresenta em The Grove.)

20h44 LA – Twitter > Ignazio: Thank you soooo much @beatsbydre you’ve been so kind with us today at the #grove in your New store..!!!! The best..! (Muito obrigado @beatsbydre, você foi tão gentil conosco hoje, em #grove na sua nova loja…!!! O melhor!!!)

20h45 LA – Brabble > Ignazio: An amazing product made by amazing people Thanks @beats (Um produto maravilhoso feito por pessoas maravilhosas. Obrigado, @beats)

Ignazio gift

21h09 LA  Twitter > Gianluca: Eating Chinese food (Comento comida Chinesa)

23h27 LA Instagram > Piero: New #Beats!  THANKYOU beatsbydre

Piero's Gifts

00h LA –  Twitter > Ignazio: Goooood night #LA last night here…!! See you sooooon (Boa noite #LA última noite aqui…!! Até breve!)

04h33 LA – Twitter > Gianluca: I had so much fun tonight with my new friends  #losangeles #chateau #havingfun #party It’s about to live and enjoy every single moment of your life. (Me diverti muito esta noite com meus novos amigos. Trata-se de viver e desfrutar cada momento da vida.)

Gianluca and friends

04h40 LA – Twitter > Gianluca: I’ll never be thankful enough for having created me! lol #mumanddad #parents  #MentionSomeoneYoureThankfulFor #mamma #papa #missyou (Nunca serei grato o suficiente por terem me criado! #mae #pai #saudade)

06h LA – Twitter > Gianluca: Happy thanksgiving !