Il Volo interview on RedeVida TV in Brazil

Il Volo and Claudia Tenorio on RedeVidaOn May 7, 2012 Il Volo attended an interview on Rede Vida TV in Brazil.

The interview was conducted by Claudia Tenorio during the tv show Vida Melhor.

Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio talked about their career and lives, sweet, funny and respectful as always.

Watch the video (by Vida Melhor) and read the translation to English. 🙂 Mari Russu bad English. You are free to point all the mistakes 🙂

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A meeting of generations at Il Volo concert in São Paulo

Il Volo - São Paulo 2012
Teenagers and elders, moms and their daughters, shared the seats of the Teatro Bradesco and also the emotion to listen together ‘Funiculi Funicula’.


Published by Oba Oba  on May 7, 2012
Translated by All About Il Volo Team

According to Piero Barone, “bring music to all ages” is the big goal of Il Volo. If that’s the case, then the young Italian trio can say that the Brazilian mission was accomplished with great success.
In a two acts concert, almost one hour long each, the 3 singers who seem the Jonas Brothers with voices that recall Luciano Pavarotti, won several standing ovations of those different generations on that monday evening, May 7, at Teatro Bradesco.

If some references to Demi Lovato’s show was in the talk of the teens, references to Andrea Bocelli and Placido Domingo were the highlights of the conversation of the oldies. All this in the seats. On stage, what we saw was a vibrant performance of Italian classics and romantic ballads, and also French and Spanish songs.

Il Volo - São Paulo 2012Serious but still shy, Gianluca and Piero were rescued in moments of nervousness by the polyglot jokes of Ignazio, to whom the audience gave the nickname “charismatic chubby”.

Although the young ones were calling for attention with whistles and vows of love thrown to the wind, it was the oldies who were treated during the spectacle. It was not difficult to find couples of grandparents whispering and murmuring sweet words while on screen were reproduced love scenes of films of the 40s, finishing with scenes of Sophia Loren, Charlie Chaplin and some landscapes of Italy.

Il Volo - São Paulo 2012The highlight songs of the evening easily brought a wave of applause: “O Sole Mio”, the first track of the career of Il Volo, and “Funiculí funicula” made the audience sing and dance. The latter was sung while the three singers were playing with a ball and wearing shirts of the Brazilian national soccer team.
Pointed as the saviors of good old Italian music, the singers will take the stage once again on Tuesday, June 8, with the promise to repeat the excitement and audience’s hysteria.

Bonus: a video with highlights of the concert:

video by Leni Donatelli

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