Piero Barone – Interview in Naro

Piero - interview in Naro 2010Piero Barone was interviewed during the time of his participation in the talent show “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” on RAI 1. The interview, conducted by Paolo Picone, took place in Naro, Sicily, at Piero’s home and was aired on January 15, 2010 in the program Parliamone on TVALFA.

Paolo Picone asked Piero about his life, his family and his experience in the talent show “Ti Lascio una Canzone“.

It is an amazing interview! (translated English and Portuguese)

video by Paolo Picone

In English:

Paolo Picone: TLUC, protagonist a boy from Naro, then an Agrigentino, a pride of the province at this time. Piero Barone, how are you dealing with this experience in RAI?

PB: Well … it’s a gorgeous, funny experience, but I understand that I am receiving teachings this singing field.

PP: An experience that is repeated every week, Thursday you will be in Sanremo, with such determination, especially to reach the final on Saturday.

PB: Yes, yes it is a lot of preparation, with the Orchestra, if a few notes sound wrong, they make me feel comfortable, if I’m not reaching for the high notes, they do not force me, I feel comfortable. Continue reading