Ignazio Boschetto in the musical Streetlight in Marsala

Ignazio Boschetto in the musical Streetlight in Marsala“Streetlight” is a musical that tells a true story. A story of life and about life, a story of the search for the meaning of life amidst those who share this same time.

The story of a boy from Chicago, who even with his gang he tries to live his faith and end up killed by this. His death inspires to think about values​​, about friendship, about the gangs and the world.

Gen Rosso, a musical group stablished in Italy, launched Streetlight in 2000 and brought it on a world tour. Since then many stage versions were created and performed, including this one with young students of Marsala, Trapani.

The musical was presented on the Teatro Impero on May 31, 2007, with  arrangements by Alessandro La Vela. Among the young actors-singers the 12 years old Ignazio Boschetto. Watch him performing:

videos by Ale Mary

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8 thoughts on “Ignazio Boschetto in the musical Streetlight in Marsala

  1. This young man was discovered 2 years later at a talent show, and signed with 2 other amazing young men to a record contract as ILVolo! He is so talented, handsome, creative and still as humble as ever. I never dreamed I would have the pleasure of meeting him, AND his family. Thank You Ignazio for deciding to share your enormous talent with all of us. The last 2 years for me has been SO much fun. Best Wishes for 2014 and all it holds for you, Gianluca and Piero. Ciao!

  2. My first time where my time is invested in a group of fans supporting a wonderful, talented group of three young gentlemen,. I gave up on music until now. Thank you God for wonderful talent sent by you.

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